New secure cloud service for ready-to-go file viewing with your smart device

Why KDDI Syncnel?

1.Safe and secure

Keep a large number of documents and catalogs up-to-date on your iPad and carry them securely. If your device is lost or you suspect fraudulent access, you can remotely delete your files automatically.

2.Easy to use

User-intuitive design and easy installation. Save on training costs and customer support costs in your IT department.
Examples of how KDDI SYNCNEL is used:

  • Use by sales representatives who have to carry thick documents and catalogs
  • To distribute the latest service manuals to franchisees automatically
  • To distribute the latest field engineering manuals to engineers on-site

3.Go paperless and reduce costs

Charges are based on the number of devices without any limitation on the number of users and the service is provided as a file sharing system accessed through a browser. Create a paperless environment and reduce costs by saving space and hard copies.
Reduce hard copies to the minimum by using "temporary URLs" without handing over confidential sales materials.

4.Automatically send BI and SFA reports to iPad

If your in-house Business Intelligence and Sales Force Administration systems can export report files in a format such as PDF, you can securely and automatically deliver reports from your existing in-house systems to your iPad using the KDDI SYNCNEL management API.

100 Functions on KDDI SYNCNEL
100 functions are implemented based on customers' requests and we continuously innovate beyond others.

What KDDI SYNCNEL makes possible
KDDI SYNCNEL has evolved dramatically with its existing functions.We will continue to introduce new functions to promote iPad use for business.

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Operation Hours: 9:00~17:00
(except Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)

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