WAN/LAN Solution

From a Single PC or Printer to Total LAN Installation and Operation

We deliver comprehensive IT solutions that meet your business requirements. We offer bespoke IT consultancy services (including IT infrastructure design, system selection and implementation, design, construction as well as implementation of communication rooms), project management (including office relocation) and engineering services (site-management).

KDDI Solutions

1: IT Consulting / Project Management

  • Business Review
  • Relocation Consulting
  • System Design
  • System Procurement (tender and negotiation)
  • Relocation
  • Infrastructure Implementation
  • Systems Implementation
  • Supply of Site-Managers (to provide oversight of the installation of all communications equipment)
  • First Line and Second Line Support (covering telephone and dealer board systems)

Current Network Reconstruction Example

2. Office IT Equipment Supply

KDDI recommends and selects the optimum telecommunications and server equipment necessary for the construction and operation of your network and information systems. By supplying devices and equipment alongside our network engineering solutions, we serve as your single source solution.

List of Equipment (Products)

  • Network: Router , TDM, CLAD, FRAD, Remote Access
  • PC/LAN: PCs (desktops, laptops), printers, multi- function machines, hubs, modems , wifi
  • Servers:Win/Linux, Unix, NAS, cache, Internet, web, mail
  • Telephony : PBX, key telephone systems,VoIP, VoFR
  • Security:firewalls, VPNs, IDS, proxy servers, access control, content filters
  • Conferencing:voice/video conferencing system
  • Others: UPS, rack/cabinet, cabling

Wireless LAN Installation Example

3. Network Solutions

  • When it comes to building your network, KDDI is the global system integrator for you. We can provide all the services you require from the earliest stages of planning to operation anywhere in the world. Starting with telecom traffic analysis and consulting, you can depend on our comprehensive project management for every step of network construction including design, third-party negotiation, facility procurement, equipment installation, circuit procurement and connection testing.
  • By checking the telecommunications equipment and facilities that comprise your network, highly experienced KDDI Group staff can monitor for faults and take appropriate action on your behalf. This 24x7x365 management solution enables the rapid identification of any problem and swift recovery.

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