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The “German Cloud“ A New Dimension for Your IT

Your data is stored with Telehouse Germany, a KDDI subsidiary located in Frankfurt, and data protection is governed by German law. We provide a flexible range of private, public and hybrid cloud services to meet your needs.

Telehouse Benefits - Secure, Flexible, Reliable

Benefit 1:Data Stored in Telehouse Germany Data Centre

  • Your cloud infrastructure and data are stored in the Telehouse Germany Data Centre located at Frankfurt am Main, which is owned and operated by us alone.
  • We guarantee the highest standards of building and operating security, furtheremore we subject our parameters to continuous optimization. We hold all required certification in this respect.
  • For security and data protection issues, we guarantee cloud operation based on German law.

Benefit 2:Support Customer Requirements with Flexibility

  • Unlike other providers, we offer unlimited freedom and flexibility by providing the cloud solution that absolutely meets your needs.
  • Provision of standard infrastructure or an individual solution customized to your specific needs, alternatively as a combination of the two.
  • We can also implement optional backup and disaster recovery processes.

Benefit 3:Reliable and Useful Service Provided by KDDI & Telehouse Group

  • On request, it is possible to utilize an internationally based cloud structure – in Telehouse’s 46 global data centres. All arranged by a single representative.
  • As a subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, Japan's second largest telecoms company, we are part of a globally successful corporation and benefit from our parent's strong financial basis, economic stability and sustained long-term growth strategy.

The Perfect Cloud - Our Service Offering

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud is the ideal option if you seek to migrate specific functions to the cloud rapidly and cost-effectively as well as adjust resources to suit your needs. We set up a bespoke virtual data centre (VDC) for your use, which you then manage using a self-service portal. It is possible to expand the VDC at any time to match your changing IT requirements.

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud is designed for business-critical functions that are subject to stringent safety requirements. Telehouse plans, installs and operates a dedicated cloud infrastructure, reserved for your exclusive use - it is also possible to take over the management yourself.

Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is a combination of both the Public Cloud and Private Cloud. We operate both areas for you as standard, however it is possible to set up and manage your own Private Cloud in our protected colocation sector. We offer more flexibility than anywhere else and all this in one of Germany's highest security data centres!

About Telehouse

  • Telehouse operates and owns 46 data centres in Asia, Europe, Africa and the USA. As a subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, Japan's second largest telecoms company, we supply IT and telecom services on a global scale in over 170 countries. As authentic pioneers of data centre-based IT services – we opened the world's first location dedicated to this purpose in 1989 – we are a well-established partner offering a wealth of market and technology expertise for all aspects of data centre services related to cloud computing, colocation, system integration and connectivity.
  • Telehouse Germany was established in 2012 in Frankfurt and provides Data Centre & Cloud services together with KDDI Germany.

Please download the Telehouse Cloud Service English leaflet here


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