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Cloud App Private Cloud Services

High quality cloud platform for business continuity planning with various system architecture

We deliver high quality and modern private cloud solutions allow you to run and optimize your workloads without any major rework. We give you the benefits of consumption-based billing and multi -tenancy.

  • Guarantee 99.99% operation rate

High quality cloud plattoms provided by KDDI a an organisation with a proven track record as a one of the top global telecommunications providers.

  • Free planning to meet the needs

A dedicated server (Premium) or shared server (Value) is provided Aationally is possible to add neccesary virtual servers yourself from an admin console screen

  • Operation and Maintenance by KDDI engineers

KDDI skilled engineers support from building the cloud platform to operation & maintenance after the construction

What's Private Cloud Services?

Private cloud services is a closed network, secure, scalable and multi tenant platform. Hosted in our Telehouse data centers in EU and UK giving you the option to choice as per your business needs and compliance.

Complementing the scalable infra with KDDI global network gives you a complete package of Infra with network connectivity across your locations or sites.

Start with couple of VMs, Storage and expand to a full size infrastructure as you go.


Private Cloud Infrastructure

Choose between,

  1. VMWare ESXi
  2. Citrix Xen Server

Professional Services

Our highly skilled professionals work with your team to understand your requirement and provision the environment and help you migrate your workloads.

  1. Design & Architecture
  2. Build & Deploy
  3. Migrate

Managed Services (System Integration)

We are your technical advisors and system administrators.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers manage your IT environment, capacity, storage, change management, billing, security and compliance.


What is the best solution for your problem?
Please consult a KDDI consultant.