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Relocation Opening of Office & Factory New Offices and Office Relocation

Launching a new office or relocating an existing one

KDDI provides one-stop service not just for IT equipment and networks, but for the entire working environment

We offer comprehensive support for the complex tasks involved in setting up a new office or relocating an existing one.KDDI will handle everything from consulting, new office design, system implementation, maintenance and operation, to project management for relocation of servers and coordination with IT vendors.

Solve problems like the following:

We want to relocate our office but don't know where to start

We have many things to do and can't accomplish them with our internal resources alone

As we launch our new office we want to review and improve the work environment

Service Features

Security assessment and IT environment survey

With global expansion and the increasing sophistication of attacks on servers, overseas branches face increased security risk.
A security incident can cost you not only in terms of recovery and implementing new countermeasures, but also in damage done to your corporate image.
By aiding in the visualization of security issues, we help you establish security and governance for your IT environments.

    All services at a single point of contact

    Aside from the installation of the IT environment at your new office, we provide a one-stop solution for your relocation needs, including project management and interior design. We will serve as your one and only contact for your various vendors, including local construction companies, building management firms, office equipment/furniture vendors, carriers, and local telecommunications companies. In addition to this, we partner with IT equipment manufacturers, enabling us to offer you great solutions for your IT equipment procurement needs.

      Construction and maintenance of WAN and LAN systems

      From LAN system construction to internet access, domestic lines and international networks, we provide optimal systems for your offices.

        Moving your ICT services and getting them up and running

        Moving your ICT services, including your data, is one of the most critical aspects during office relocation. KDDI will fully assist and support you, from consultation, including reviewing rack and server layouts, cable routers, outlets in walls and floors, verification of the specifications of the air conditioning system in server rooms, reviewing office layout, NW equipment layout, etc., all the way through to ensuring the servers are set up and running at the new location, enabling you to commence business operations as soon as you move into the new office.

          We provide equipment from leading manufacturers at affordable prices

          We provide equipment from leading manufacturers, from entry-level to high-end models, including PCs, servers, and printers, at very attractive "KDDI prices." This is ideal for companies that want to reduce expenditure when establishing a new IT environment.

              Get connected to your other offices easily

              With connection to KDDI's Global IP-VPN service, it is possible to build a global network between offices regardless of location. Furthermore, KDDI can provide a high-quality and secure platform with 24/7 monitoring of your mission-critical IT data such as Telehouse data centers and Cloud Service.

                  What is the best solution for your problem?
                  Please consult a KDDI consultant.