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Security Zscaler

TOP-Rated, The World Largest Cloud Web Security Platform

Cloud-based web security solutions for all users on any device in all locations


Handles a wide variety of communications environments and security risks

  1. Centralized security management for multi-device environments and a unified security policy for endpoints inside and outside the office are both made possible.
  2. Improve connectivity with SaaS and SD-WAN, and improve the user experience.

Protecting you even from the most advanced and complicated Cyber-attacks

  1. Zscaler protects users from APT attack and zero-day attack with its multi-layered security functions. Zscaler also provide solutions to resctrict access to sites vulnerable to information leak, such as SNS, Bulletin Board System and public cloud storage service.

Reducing your IT cost while optimizing operation

  1. Consolidating a large set of security applications into a single integrated cloud security platform allows you to reduce your IT costs and improve your operational productivity.
  2. It costs less than the purchase, maintenance and operation expenses of on-premises products.

Works with next-generation network configurations (local breakout, traffic splitting)

  1. Proxy clouds, SSL visualization, threat protection, log collection
  2. Security device replacement, reduction of traffic within WANs
  3. Combined use and optimization of private networks and Internet access

Why is Zscaler so highly-rated in the Web Secure Gateway ?

Case study

  1. Secure your internet access without having to purchase any devices/equipment.
  2. Ease your IT personnels' burden of having to run their own security applications.

Leveled security, provided through subscriptions

  1. Maximize threat detection through applying a variety of analysis methods
  2. Leveled analysis allows analysis from different angles and response to a variety of attack vectors
  3. Defend against zero-day attacks with our threat information, as well as third-party information
  4. Fast and complete SSL inspection through unique technology
  5. Enables zero-trust security

One of the industry’s largest security clouds

  1. Nodes around the world
  2. Common security policy through communication with all nodes
  3. All nodes available to users, for a fee
    *Some nodes cost extra to add
  4. Distance latency minimized through use of closest traffic gateway.

Global security - KDDI trust

International contract and technical support

First-class customer support
KDDI provides support both before and after installation of services. Our global presence enables us to support customers wherever they are located, whether from customers' headquarters or from their internationally-located offices.

Full support on global-contracts
Customers can choose to manage all affiliates offices' contracts under one international contract through their headquarters, or keep the contract assigned to each office. We can flexibly fit your budget and your business needs.

What is the best solution for your problem?
Please consult a KDDI consultant.